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Corporate Account Facilities

Has your business considered the benefits of setting up a taxi / courier account?

It could save you time for your finance / accounts department, by reducing petty cash transactions and the tedious job of sifting through various employee taxi expense claims. How?, simply by consolidating all of your taxi / courier costs, into just one monthly invoice, requiring just one monthly payment. 

This will also help you stay in control of your travel expenses, as our invoice will itemise, job by job, with who travelled, where, when and at what cost.

In addition to this, we can save you money, by offering you competitively fixed rates, thereby relieving you of paying for those unauthorised driver gratuities, that can often be disguised within your employees taxi receipts.

The other benefits to consider, are that by forming an efficient working partnership, we will become conversant with your needs & special requirements, whilst your regular clients / colleagues, will benefit by the familiarisation with our drivers, cars and standard meeting procedures. 

We are a medium sized business, with over 18 years of experience, being small enough to care, yet resourceful enough to meet your demands.

If you are interested in opening an account with our A-2-B Dorking Taxi office, maybe for your Dorking taxi - Gatwick or Heathrow airport transfers, then we would be happy to discuss your requirements.


Our Terms.

1. That any transport request/s made by telephone, are followed by a confirmation email, stating dates, times, any associated flight numbers, collection / drop off addresses (including postcodes) and any direct contact mobile number/s for the person/s travelling.

2. That a purchase order number is provided by yourselves, at the time of booking (if applicable to your Companies requirements)

3. For you not to assume any confirmation is made on our part, until you have received our email, confirming acceptance.

4. That for transport relating to an airport transfer, you accept our t & c's, as outlined in our Airport Transfers page. For more information, please click here

4. We will post / email, depending on your preference, a monthly invoice, on the 1st of each month, for all transport provided in the proceeding calendar month.

5. We request that any queries you may have in regards to our invoice, be raised by yourselves, within 2 weeks from your receipt of that invoice.

6. We request that full payment has been settled, within 30 days from your receipt of invoice.

7. That remittance, be paid from your Company, directly to A-2-B Dorking Taxis, either by a company cheque or by Bank transfer / BACS. (we will provide you with our bank details, if the latter is your preferred payment option)

8. If an agreed credit limit, has been reached before the end of the month, we reserve the right to request an immediate part settlement, in order to continue operating the account.

9. Two trade references, if requested by ourselves.


Information, that we would require from yourselves.

1. Your estimated average monthly spend, on taxis and /or courier.

2. Your written or email of confirmation, stating your acceptance to our terms & conditions, as outline above.

3. Your Company name, full address & postcode.

4. The name/s of the person/s authorised to request transport, on behalf of your company.

5. Their direct contact telephone number/s (including any extension numbers)

6. Their direct email address/es.

7. A primary contact name, telephone number & email address, for your companies Accounts or Finance department.

8. The full postal address, including postcode, of your companies Accounts or Finance department, if different from above.

9. Your companies preferred method of payment, i.e. by cheque / bank transfer.

10. Your companies preferred method, for receipt of invoice, i.e. by post /email.


Dorking taxis - Heathrow Airport; from £55.00

Dorking Taxis - Gatwick Airport; from £28.00

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